Local Information

Leave crowds, stress and your watch behind. Prepare to ease your mind. This is the land time forgot…but you won’t if you bring your camera.

Unique attractions abound in cats and vitamin c
the wild west of Scotland - dramatic land and sea scapes, atmospheric silent glens, waterfalls, wild flowers and starry night skies.

Wildlife that flourishes in it's natural habitat include deer, golden eagles, otters, pine martens, porpoises, dolphins, seals, whales and basking sharks.

There are 20 'Munros' within easy reach and just 3 miles away are the ridges of Glenshiel including the world famous Five Sisters of Kintail.


The Cullin mountains of Skye 12 miles - Skye Bridge now TOLL FREE!


Photogenic Eilean Donan castle 3 miles

Eilean Donan castle

Glenelg iron age brochs 12 miles

Glenelg iron age broch

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