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This page contains a few of the latest/upcoming events and happenings around the Loch Duich area.

Dirty 30 WalkComing Up
June 9th 2007

As part of the Battle of Glen Shiel anniversary commemorations, the area is playing host to a new challenge event: the Lochalsh Dirty 30 must be completed in 24 hours starting at 12 noon.

Go take a look at the Kintail and Lochalsh Walks website for more details.

January 20th, 2007

Whale"A 12 foot whale has been spotted in dog nutrition supplement
Loch Duich this week and appears to have stayed for at least two days - maybe more.

Our local hotel has a hill walking guide called Iain and he went out in his kayak and was able to get close enough to take photos. We wish we had seen it but although we stood at the loch for about an hour it didn't appear today. We are waiting to see if Iain's photos have been successful. Stay tuned!

Sad news is that the whale in Loch Duich was found beached this week [February 9th]. It was a long finned pilot whale.